Why You Should Stop Idling Your Car

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When customers come into Atlantic Salvage looking for used engines in Massachusetts, we often hear some of their story of the day their car just stopped working. From breaking down on the side of the road to trying to start it before work, we have heard it all and can sometimes find reasons for why our engines fail. There are some bad habits we pick up as drivers, and one being idling our cars. Though it might seem harmless, it is a routine to ditch for many reasons!

It wastes your gas. You might think that waiting a few minutes idling won’t make a difference in your mileage, but just 10 minutes can burn a whole cup of gas! Now consider how often you have idled your car in the past- you might have gone through an entire tank without realizing it. Save yourself the trouble and restart your car instead.

It’s bad for the environment. Just because yoUsed transmissions for sale in Massachusetts from Atlantic Salvageu’re not actively seeing or thinking about gas admissions, it does not mean they don’t exist! Gasoline waste pumps millions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year, and leaving your car idling does not help those numbers or even your own health.

It can impact your car’s integrity. Whether you’re sitting in a hot parking lot while your friend runs into the store or warming up your car on a cold winter day, idling is not good for your engine! Idling forces your car to operate in an unproductive way, which in turn wears on your ignition, battery, and gas. This can impact your engine in the long run, and can be a contributing factor for why you might be searching for a new or used engine.

If your engine is on its last leg, don’t lose hope! Atlantic Salvage is a go-to automotive recycling yard in Massachusetts and we want to work with you. We have a wide selection of engines, offer warrantees on our products, and would be happy to give you a hand in finding affordable car parts. With more questions, please call us today at (800) 225-0812.