Why You Might Need a Used Engine in Massachusetts

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Used engines in Massachusetts from Atlantic

Used engines in Massachusetts from AtlanticWhen you got into your car this morning, that steady hum of the engine never happens as you twist the keys in the ignition once, twice, three times. Before you know it, you’re calling any mechanically inclined friends and family members to figure out if there is anyway to fix it, and there is no way for them to know over the phone. Atlantic Salvage knows this struggle, and the financial fear of having to replace an engine. We have a few reasons why your engine has failed, and why you might need a used engine in Massachusetts.


Ignoring oil-related problems. This includes overlooking oil changes and leaks will often lead to your check engine light turning on and indicating problems regarding lubrication of the metal parts within the engine. This unusual wear within the engine can cause engine failure.


Overheating. Often times, this is caused by cooling systems being damaged or broken. When an engine is unable to properly cool its parts, it can cause serious and irreversible destruction that requires a new or used engine to replace it.


Detonation. Is combustion chamber issue that is the result of too much heat and pressure, and can blow a gasket or punch holes in the pistons. There are many causes of detonation, but when it is left to progress and worsen, it is often damage that cannot be fixed.


If your engine is shot, and affording a new engine seems impossible, consider a used engine from a reputable auto recycling company in Massachusetts like Atlantic Salvage. Not only does this put a lot of money back into your pocket, you have the security of our warranties and local reputation. For more questions about our inventory and your options, give us a call today at (800) 225-0812.