Why We Use Online Salvage Parts Locators

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We’ve all seen those television shows or movies where someone visits an auto salvage yard and can’t find what they were looking for. They search through piles of junk before the owner comes out and says they are closing for the night. It’s a stereotype about customer service in these yards that might keep people from visiting us or looking up our location online. Atlantic Salvage is a leading auto salvage yard in MA, and we offer to help our customers find their parts online or ship parts to you.
Why, you ask?
salvage yard

We want you to get the parts you need. Atlantic Salvage has worked with customers all over, those who have driven miles and miles to visit our location because they had a friend recommend our services and extensive inventory. We appreciate every customer that travels to visit us, but we always knew there had to be an easier way to search for used auto parts online.


Not only will we help you find what you need with our online locator, we also offer those services to customers who unable to reach us in Lowell, MA. It’s a little extra time out of our day to ensure you’re using the parts you need for your car, without breaking the bank and being satisfied with your product. We’re working people just like you, and it’s important to have a salvage yard willing to go above and beyond in your time of need.


Check out our inventory online, stop by our location, or give us a call today at (800) 225-0812.