Why We Offer Warranties

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auto salvageAt Atlantic Salvage we pride ourselves on our quality products. Not only do we offer salvaged auto parts at competitive prices, we also work with the best experts in the business to ensure the items we’re putting out there for our customers is going to last. We offer warranties for a variety of reasons, but our goal is to be the reputable automotive recycling yard in Massachusetts everyone relies on to get the best deal.


Buying recycled parts is a “gamble”. We know that no matter how wonderful a service is, there will always be an existing stigma about auto salvage yards in MA and the risk customers see in buying used. If we haven’t been in this business for so long, we might have the same beliefs, too!


Auto parts are an investment. In the lifespan of a home, there are a few things you want to invest in and hope that it will last: a roof, a boiler, new siding. It’s the same way for cars, and we recognize that. Auto parts, no matter the size, is an investment for your safety and for the integrity of your vehicle, and a little reassurance goes a long way.


We want our customers to feel comfortable. Between prices and those myths about junk yards, we never want a customer to leave questioning the purchase they make. Our warranties offer peace of mind when it comes to unforeseen issues with our recycled parts. We’re looking to create relationships with our buyers, and our warranties are the first big step.


There are so many options for auto salvage yards in Massachusetts, but we want you to check us out first. If you’re thinking about recycled auto parts for your next vehicle project, give us a call today at (800) 225-0812 to talk with our experts.