When You Think of Automotive Recycling in Massachusetts…

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Automotive recycling in Massachusetts from Atlantic

What name comes to mind? If it’s one of New England’s top suppliers of used auto parts since 1975, then it has to be Atlantic Salvage. The ever growing popularity of automotive recycling in Massachusetts keeps business at Atlantic Salvage humming all throughout the year. Whether it’s to save some money, find a unique and original part, or a combination of both, you can be sure to find the results you’ve been searching for right at Atlantic Salvage.

A growing concern for the health and sustainability of the environment and Earth has more and more people looking for ways to do their part. Recycling doesn’t have to stop at just bottles and cans though. When purchasing an eco-friendly vehicle just isn’t in the budget, utilizing recycled auto parts is an effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy usage. Not only does this reduce the demands for newly manufactured parts, but it also keeps the tons of scrapped cars from entering dumps and landfills every year. Recycled auto parts work just as good if not even better than their brand new counterparts, and also play an active role in creating a healthy and sustainable environment for the future.

Automotive recycling in Massachusetts is not as simple of a task that you may think. It takes a firm understanding and appreciation for each vehicle make and model, and also the individual parts that are encompassed in each one. Being a leader in the business for over 30 years, the staff at Atlantic Salvage knows a thing or two when it comes to proper auto salvaging. Stocking thousands of OEM parts backed by industry-standard warranties keeps Atlantic Salvage on their toes and up to date on the most recent automotive trends and information. Whether it’s something as simple as windshield wipers to more complex transmissions and engines, you can assure that the staff will be there to help every step of the way when you come to Atlantic Salvage.

For more information about automotive recycling in Massachusetts, contact Atlantic Salvage at 1-800-225-0812.