What to Do After a Minor Collision

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Stressed Driver Sitting At Roadside After Traffic Accident

We get it, when you’re in a minor collision, you might not know the first steps to take. It can be overwhelming to be in an accident, but Atlantic Salvage wants you to be safe and thorough. Take a deep breath and follow these first suggestions after the initial hit.

Remain calm

Letting your emotions take over can lead to more problems and danger. If possible, pull off on the side of the road. Be sure you’re far enough out of any lane of traffic to avoid additional accidents.

Stressed Driver Sitting At Roadside After Traffic AccidentCall 911

No matter the size of the accident, calling 911 as to file a police report gets your information on record. Having a neutral party to communicate between you and the other driver is often most useful.

Exchange information

While waiting for the police, exchange information with the other driver. This will make claims and handling the insurance much easier when you have all of the information you might need.

Take photos and look for witnesses

Being honest in these moments is essential, and regardless of whose fault it is, you want to be sure to have a witness available to explain to the officer what they saw.

Contact your insurance

When it is all said and done, contacting your insurance can help you repair your car at minimal cost. If you believe the other driver is at fault, be sure to call their insurance to file a claim.

Call Atlantic Salvage

After all you went through, buying brand new car parts might not be an option. Luckily, there are used auto parts available that are both reasonably priced and reliable, and that’s with Atlantic Salvage. Our extensive inventory can make finding your car’s parts as simple as ever.

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