What Fluids Are Leaking from my Car?

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Used auto parts in NH from Atlantic SalvageAtlantic Salvage is often showing our customers around our yard while they search for the parts they need, and we know that when it comes to needing a used engines or used transmissions in Massachusetts, there could be a number of reasons your parts need replacing. If you’ve been noticing fluids leaking from your car, don’t automatically assume it’s one of these fixes. There could be a number of reasons your car is leaking and the first step is identifying the fluid.

Light brown to black: Engine oil or brake fluid

A fluid leak evaluation should help you determine the area that might be leaking and the steps you should take to fix this problem.

Red: Transmission fluid or power steering

Consider getting a transmission system evaluation to check for leaks!

Yellow or green: Coolant or antifreeze

An AC system leak evaluation by your auto mechanic can determine your specific needs.

Blue: Windshield wiper fluid

A quick windshield wiper component evaluation can help determine if your reservoir should be replaced.

Clear: Water

Condensation often builds up on your air conditioning system and your car is most likely in great shape!

No matter what you believe might be leaking from your car, we suggest always making an appointment with your mechanic to better learn exactly what your car needs in order to run safely and efficiently! If your leaks are indicating your need a used transmission or used engine in Massachusetts, Atlantic Salvage might have the answer for you! Shopping with us will save you some money, and our warrantees will leave you with peace of mind after every purchase. With more questions, give us a call today at (800) 225-0812.