What Causes Your Car to Overheat?

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July is a month of travel, and the last thing anyone wants is to face car trouble in this heat. Atlantic SalvageBroken Down Car has been a go-to auto salvage yard near NH long enough to hear the stories of drivers stuck on the side of the road when their vehicle begins emitting steam from under the hood, and their engine lights flash on their dash. Even those who don’t know much about engines overheating know that it is often not a cheap fix, but don’t necessarily know why.

What is overheating?

Like other mechanics and electronics in this world, engines run best when kept below a certain temperature. Though a properly running engine is extremely hot, its cooling system to keep it from becoming too hot. When a cooling system fails, the overheating can cause damage to the engine. This can present itself in a few ways including steam protruding from the engine or the temperature engine light on the dashboard.

What could be wrong with my cooling system?

Cooling systems are made of many parts, so there could be a few reasons it is failing your engine. There could be a leak in the cooling system, a blockage in the cooling system, the coolant isn’t concentrated enough, or a failed water pump. These problems can be fixed, but depending on the type of damage, some can be more expensive than others. Common repairs include thermostat, water pump, radiator, or coolant hose repair or replacement, an antifreeze flush, or engine oil change.

Regardless of which problem you are facing, it’s crucial to address it before it causes more damage to your vehicle. For those who are seeking replacement options, used auto parts might be the ideal way to complete the repairs without breaking the bank, and the Atlantic Salvage team would love to help.

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