To Replace or Repair?

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Used bumpers, hoods, headlights and taillights

Every day, drivers consider replacing or repairing their cars for a number of reasons. With so many vehicles on the road, there is someone out there that has been looking at used auto parts, trying to figure out if the time and resources are worth it, or if they should start shopping for a new vehicle. Atlantic Salvage knows it’s not a simple decision, and have a few questions to ask before you reach a final answer.

How old is the car?Used bumpers, hoods, headlights and taillights

Let’s face it, though many salvage yards are known save their good parts and hidden treasures, if your car is older than 2000, many businesses might not necessarily have the parts you need for your specific make and model.

What’s the mileage?

Mileage can determine future repairs that might come up if they already haven’t. Replacing transmissions, engines, and other big-ticket items might be out of your price point for repairs, and that might help determine your decision.

Have you paid off the car?

Often times, we cannot afford new car payments to enter our lives and if your car is already paid off, it might be worth the chance of repair. Though you might be putting money into it, it could save you the hefty bill of a new vehicle.

What kinds of problems have you encountered before?

If this is the first real problem you have encountered with your car, you might want to consider making those restorations. There are plenty of cars out there not worth the extra time and money, but if your car is built well, you could save yourself cash down the line.

How much will repairs cost/What’s your cars current value?

If the amount of money you will put into the car is more than the car’s actual value, it might be time to reevaluate for the sake of equity. Depending on some of your answers regarding the condition of your vehicle, these calculations could make your decision for you.

When you decide that repair is the right decision, Atlantic Salvage has your answers. From bumpers to used engines in Massachusetts, our inventory will have everything you need to make your car feel brand new. With more questions, call us today at (800) 225-0812.