The Tremendous Value of Auto Salvage Facilities

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Auto salvage from Atlantic

For as long as American factories have been rolling freshly minted vehicles off of production lines in the Midwest, there’s been a wide and far reaching market for auto salvage. Scrapyards had already existed for decades and decades before the automobile surged into American life in the early twentieth century, but scrapyards were more often the final resting place of junked appliances, rusty bed frames, and far the detritus leftover from the industrial revolution. Once the automobile became ingrained in American life and culture, auto salvage started to become the bulk of scrap and auto salvage yards’ business.

In a way, scrap metal salvage facilities were pioneers in what is to today looked at as proactive recycling. The legacy left by these pioneers is still with us today, and some argue that there has never been a more important time to recycle automobiles and other materials that take tremendous effort and amounts of resources to make. Atlantic Salvage is proud to be among the foremost auto recycling facilities in the country, and we take our commitment to conserving and salvaging as much complex auto components as possible to not only ensure the environment remains a habitable place for future generations, but so that car owners with older vehicles can keep their car or truck on the road without needing to spend exorbitant amounts of money in dealership and repairs with manufacturer supplied parts.

As cars have become increasingly complex to manufacture, the amount of proprietary and expensive electronics that go into their assembly is increasing tenfold. Trying to source or find these parts when they fail on older vehicles can be time consuming and expensive. Worse, using aftermarket or third party parts can lead to premature failures in a vehicle, which is something every owner wants to avoid. When you work with Atlantic Salvage to source a part for your vehicle, you’re ensuring you’re getting genuine OEM parts without the hassle of dealing with third party manufacturers.

If you or someone you know is considering scrapping their car, make sure to direct them to our auto salvage and recycling facilities here at Atlantic Salvage. Get in touch with our experts today at (800) 225-0812.