The Pros of Using OEM Used Auto Parts

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Used auto parts from Atlantic Used Trucks and Salvage

When you are looking for used auto parts, it can be difficult to decide on using OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or aftermarket models for your car repairs, replacements, or restorations. While OEM parts may be slightly more expensive, there are many benefits that come along with the higher price tag. Here are a few of the key benefits to using OEM parts that can be found at Atlantic Salvage.

Exact Match

One of the biggest pros to using OEM used auto parts is the fact that they are exact matches to the parts originally found in your vehicle. Since OEM parts are produced by the automotive manufacturer, you can be sure they are exactly the same part that came off the assembly line for your specific vehicle’s make and model. This helps reduce the time and headache of having to compare prices and models of parts, and also helps you rest assured that it fits and functions as well as the original.

Improved Quality

An added benefit to the use of OEM parts is their trusted and reliable quality. Being an exact match to the specific year and model you are looking for provides the same quality assurance that came to expect with the original. Aftermarket products are parts not produced by the original car manufacturer. This can often result in inferior products and quality, costing you more troubles and money in the end. Atlantic Salvage is home to hundreds of thousands OEM used auto parts, making it easy for you to find and receive the quality parts you need at any time.

Part Warranty

The OEM parts at Atlantic Salvage are guaranteed to work, and come with industry-standard warranties to back them up. Some aftermarket products are not held to such standards, and can force you to purchase an entirely new part if it does not fit or work properly. OEM parts are strongly recommended when being used for vehicles involved in a crash or accident, since aftermarket parts may not fit properly and can put the vehicle’s and its occupants safety at risk.

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