Safe Driving Tips for Summer

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As an auto salvage yard near NH, we have heard every bad summer driving story there is and how it landed our customers searching for used parts. With so many people traveling, we have a few safety tips to remember this season to keep you and your loved ones safe!

Watch for motorcycles and bicyclists

It’s not every day in New England that those with motorcycles and bikes can use them, so on those especially nice days, watch for these drivers and pedestrians. Double-check your blind spots, be cautious as you move, and leave space between you and the motorcycles around you.

Be mindful of traffic, pay attention!

It’s inevitable during the summer season to face congestion on the roads so many people taking time off of work and teenagers out of school for the year. Distracted driving can lead to accidents, especially in stop-and-go traffic throughout the day.

Be cautious driving through construction

With limited months to complete roadwork in New England, there is an abundance of construction during the late spring, summer, and early fall seasons. Move through these zones carefully to avoid any mishaps with your vehicle, including potholes, nails, construction equipment, and other items similar.

Have your air systems and coolant checked

Having a vehicle without a working air system can lead to disaster on the road, especially when you are not prepared for those sweltering days in traffic. Avoid heat exhaustion or engine overheating by repairing areas of your car that might be damaged or old.

When you are in need of summer car repairs, stop by Atlantic Salvage to get the best used auto parts near NH. Our experts would be happy to help you locate the parts you need or send out for parts we do not have!

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