Resurrect Your Car With One of Our Used Engines

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Used engines from Atlantic

When it rains, it pours, especially when it comes to major repair projects on cars. Sometimes it can seem like everything that could go wrong on a repair can go wrong. And when it comes to the heart of your vehicle, the motor, there really is no room for error. Sometimes motors can be subject to irreparable damage, be it through warping of the head or the block itself. If your vehicle’s motor is on its deathbed and your options have run out, it’s time to consider swapping in a used engine from our meticulously organized salvage yard.

Here are a few of the most common reasons you might have a vehicle that needs an engine swap.

Cracked Block

A cracked block can spell disaster for nearly any motor. Be it from accident damage, running hot for extended periods of time, or cooling problems, a cracked block is next to impossible to repair. Some common signs of a cracked block include a motor burning through its oil too quickly, the smell of burning anti-freeze, and anti-freeze being found in your vehicles spent oil. Driving a vehicle with a cracked block can lead to power loss on steep grades or inclines and, after an extended period, further damage to the rest of your vehicle’s components.

Water Damage

While less of an issue in New England than other parts of the country, flood damage to motors can lead to no end of electrical and mechanical problems. Even if you were to take apart the engine and strip it down to its most basic components in order to dry them out, you might still run into problems after you put it back together. There’s nothing worse than chasing mechanical gremlins after so much work. You’re better off swapping in a used engine.

Seized Engine

The worst offender of the bunch. When a vehicle’s motor is run without proper lubrication for extended periods of time, an engine can seize, grinding against itself, eventually becoming inoperable. This can lead to engine knocking, blunt damage to the engine’s internal components, and awful sounds coming from underneath the hood. While you can take measures to prevent this scenario by regularly checking your oil level, once the engine is seized, there’s little point in keeping it around; its beyond saving.

If any of these situations describes your vehicle, it’s time to check our Atlantic Salvage’s used engines. Call us today, toll free, at (800) 225-0812.