Repaired Versus Used Transmissions

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Of all the reasons Atlantic Salvage has customers visit our yard, looking for a used transmission is one that Auto salvage from Atlanticwe hear often. It’s never an ideal situation to be in when you’re looking for an expensive, reliable used car part such as a transmission, but there are options out there for you. We can think of a few reasons you might consider going used instead of repairing the part.

Time efficiency

If you’re seeking to repair your engine, you might find yourself waiting the process out for some time. On top of the fact that you will need to find a mechanic that is willing to complete the work at a reasonable cost, it can be extremely labor intensive. They might discover more problems than they initially anticipated, adding on to their process and work, ultimately pushing back your timeline.


We mentioned how labor intensive transmission repairs can be, and that labor is not cheap! Your mechanic will be putting in hours and hours of time under the hood of your car, and they expect compensation for the time and their trained skills used to fix it. That’s not accounting for the other problems they might uncover in the process.

Luckily, there are salvage yards out there with the experience and knowledge you need to find a reliable transmission. Atlantic Salvage is a used auto parts yard in NH that doesn’t buy your standard “junk” cars, but instead finds reliable vehicles for parts that we know our customers need and seek.

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