Reasons Why You Would Visit an Auto Salvage Yard

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Atlantic Salvage knows the stigmas that surround auto salvage yard in MA, and we know that some people are scared of the unknown. Believe us, if we weren’t so comfortable with automotive recycling, we can understand where that fear might come from. Let’s just say you’re in need of a car part, Atlantic Salvage can think of three great reasons for you to visit a yard when you begin looking for your car part salvage


  • You have an older or foreign car model. Let’s face it, there are new models and makes coming out every year. Before anyone can blink, another year has gone by and they’re in a 10-year-old Toyota that needs a little TLC. Sometimes, dealerships and auto repair shops don’t have the means to get you the parts you need because they are dated or not available in the country. Auto salvage yards might have what you’re looking for.
  • You need reasonable prices. Fixing your car from usual wear or even an accident gets costly. Sometimes you need a helping hand and buying new isn’t going to work in your budget. Salvage yards exist to help people find the affordable car parts they need.
  • You want to work with great professionals. Atlantic Salvage knows how hard it can be to find a car part you need, and we want you to leave our yard a happy customer. Whether we help you find your part online or we have what you need on our property, we can guarantee great service throughout the whole process.


We hope it seems a little less intimidating now, but you could still be unsure. With our warranties and experienced mechanics, we can let you know all you need to about your purchased car parts. Give us a try, it might surprise you how much fun our junk yard is.


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