Protect Your Car’s Battery This Winter

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Charging automobile discharged battery by booster jumper cables at winter

With winter fast approaching, we know how frustrating it can be to go out to your vehicle on a cold morning to find that it won’t start. Many times, this is due to your battery reacting to the change in temperature. Though it is not guaranteed your car will have problems when the temps drop, taking precautions to prevent this from happening can save you the trouble of having to call a roadside service or investing in used auto parts in NH.

Charging automobile discharged battery by booster jumper cables at winterBe sure to turn off components before getting out of your vehicle

Even though these items might be “off” when you take out the keys, turning them is similar to unplugging a lamp from an outlet to avoid extra electrical costs. These costs include lights, wipers, heaters, and all other items you have switched “on” while driving. These small pieces pull energy from your battery and, over time, can impact its use.

Only use “bonus” heaters when necessary

Though it’s great to have luxuries in your car like heated seats or mirrors, these items also cause drainage to your battery after constant use. We’re not saying to drive in the cold, but being cautious of excess energy used can save you from being cold on the side of the road.

Park inside when possible

If you have the option to use a garage, do it! Protecting your car from the elements can allow your battery to avoid dangerously low temperatures and can increase its ability to produce and emit electricity correctly.

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