Myths About Winter Driving

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Cars Covered With Fresh White Snow After A Heavy Blizzard In Bucharest City

If you’re not from the north, there is a chance you have never had the pleasure of driving through a blizzard Cars Covered With Fresh White Snow After A Heavy Blizzard In Bucharest Cityor even a light snowfall. Atlantic Salvage must admit we’re a little jealous- but time and time again we hear funny myths about winter driving that we can’t help but set the record straight about! We want our customers shopping for used auto parts near NH to be safe, and if you find yourself driving in a New England winter for the first time, then we have a few misconceptions for you to ignore.

 You don’t need snow tires when you have AWD/4WD

Though all-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive are great features for your vehicle, they are typically only as useful as your quality of snow tires. When you have worn tire treads that are unprepared for the icy conditions ahead, you will find that your AWD or 4WD won’t hold up to the hype.

Your engine must warm up before use

It might have been true with older vehicles years ago – but with technology today, cars are ready to drive almost immediately after they are turned on, the longest warmup time being around 15 seconds. In fact, many people advise not allowing your car to heat up for a while at all!

You only need to clean snow off your windows

You will soon realize how dangerous it can be for you and other drivers on a highway when sheets of snow are being catapulted at the traffic behind you or falling onto your windshield as you come to a stop. Neglect is a hazardous habit to practice, and we always suggest removing as much snow on each part of your vehicle before driving.

Unfortunately, no matter how prepared we are for winter, there is always the possibility of being in an accident resulting in your car needing some repairs. Luckily, Atlantic Salvage is around to offer quality, used auto parts to help fix your car and get you back on the road quickly and safely.

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