How to Change a Flat Tire

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Used auto parts in MA from Atlantic Salvage

Used auto parts in MA from Atlantic SalvageWhen it rains, it pours! Atlantic Salvage often has customers coming to our yard to look for used auto parts, and replacing a blown out tire is no exception. We want you to be prepared on the road, and have simple instructions on how to change a flat tire if you ever find yourself in a pinch!

Pull over to a safe area and put on your hazards. It’s important that you are able to see other cars and they are able to see you, use caution especially in rainy or dark weather. Also, if it is possible, attempt to avoid hills and find a flat spot.

Use a wrench to loosen the lug nuts. Do not take them off completely, just loosen them enough that they can be removed more easily. If they are stuck or tight, try standing on the wrench arm to leverage your weight.

Lift your car with your jack. Every car is different, and we suggest consulting your owner’s manual to ensure you are using you’re properly lifting your car. 6 inches will do the trick.

Remove the lug nuts to pull off the tire. Keep your lug nuts in one place to ensure none are lost, and pull the tire straight towards yourself.

Put on the spare tire. This is all about lining up the posts with the holes to properly attach your lug nuts and keep the spare on your car.

Put the lug nuts back on. Just tight enough to stay on, wait to truly tighten them!

Lower your car and tighten the lug nuts. Carefully lower your car and move your jack as to not forget it or run it over. It’s often suggested to tighten lug nuts opposite to each other instead of moving in a circle.

Put all tools and your flat in your car. Be sure not to leave anything for another car to run over!

Drive to your destination and search for a replacement tire. Atlantic Salvage suggests coming to visit us. We offer used auto parts near NH that will be easy on your budget and will last you years to come.

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