Get That Dead Vehicle Out of Your Yard Today

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Auto recycling from Atlantic Salvage

You’re finally running out of excuses. Your family is begging you to get that rusting heap of metal that hasn’t run in three years out of the backyard. Sure, maybe it would run eventually with enough work and enough parts, but you know the odds are slim. And it would still have that lingering smell in the backseat. If you’ve found yourself in the above situation, it’s time to start considering auto recycling with Atlantic Salvage.

When it’s sitting in your yard, your vehicle isn’t doing much good for anyone. Especially if you don’t have room in your indoor garage or outdoor covered garage, that car can be doing potentially irreversible damage to your lawn. Vehicles left sitting on grass and dirt can often leak harmful chemicals into your top soil. Moreover, they can be especially hard to landscape around during the spring and summer.

Then there’s the question of value. The longer your unused vehicle sits in inclement weather or buried in snow, it’s losing its value as a potential source of auto recycling parts. At some point, even a specialty salvage yard might not be willing to take the vehicle off your hands.

Finally, consider all the good you’re providing other vehicle owners who my need that one part to get their car back up and running. While it might be too late for your particular vehicle, other cars or trucks can benefit immeasurably from the auto recycling parts your vehicle can provide. Picture the parts in your vehicle like a blood transfusion. You might not necessarily know who specifically is benefiting from scrapping your vehicle with Atlantic Salvage, but you know it’s helping someone who really needs it.

Don’t let another week, month, or season go by with that dead vehicle taking up valuable space on your property. Not only will your wife and kids thank you, but so will your grass, and anyone who can get their vehicle back up and running with the parts from your car or truck.

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