Consider Auto Salvage Parts Before Going Aftermarket

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Auto salvage from Atlantic

There are fewer things a car owner dreads more than being told an expensive, integral part of the car is on its last legs. Especially in New England, pot holes, frost heaves, and salt all take a tremendous toll on your car’s components. It’s frustrating to find that a part for your decade-old car can cost almost as much as a down payment on a brand new car! Before you order an aftermarket replacement part or an OEM part directly from a manufacturer, make sure to check our extensive inventory of auto salvage parts at Atlantic Salvage. Here are two major benefits of purchasing used OEM parts from us.


Because we guarantee our components’ mechanical integrity, you can rest assured the replacement component you buy through us will function properly in a correctly matched vehicle. Depending on the brand of competing aftermarket parts, rates of failure for their components tend to be much higher because they are not designed to the same tolerances and specifications the original manufacturer intended. When you’re having work done on your daily driver, do you really want to risk installing a part that might fail while you’re on your way to work? We stand behind our auto salvage parts and you can count on them to work.


An appealing aspect of ordering aftermarket parts can be their pricing. They can certainly be cheaper than ordering older, or legacy parts, direct from the manufacturer. However, you are making a trade off in terms of quality and, in some cases, performance of the part. Our inventory of auto salvage parts, on the other hand, are not only OEM, built to the manufacturers standards, but are available at a lower price point than aftermarket products. When it comes to DIY projects or extensive repairs, price always matters, and Atlantic Salvage can help you stay within your budget.

Do yourself the favor and browse our online catalog of used parts today. A call to us now can make the difference between paying an arm and a leg or getting a great deal on your parts needs. Call us toll free today at (800) 225-0812.