Commonly Replaced Car Parts

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Used auto parts in NH from Atlantic Salvage

Used auto parts in NH from Atlantic SalvageSpring is a time of year where we spruce up our homes and begin our yearly renovations. For many that includes their homes, and for others, it includes their cars. As the freezing temperatures melt away, some of our biggest car troubles can be revealed, and car owners are left wondering how they are going to deal with these commonly replaced car parts.


Battery. How often do you leave your vehicle’s lights on, and need someone to jumpstart your car? Allowing your battery to die or corrosion of the battery are both reasons batteries stop working properly and need to be replaced.


Tires. Getting from point A to point B is the entire purpose of a car, and one item that faces some of the most common wear and tear are your tires. Depending on your climate and the road conditions, tires might need to be replaced from age or other external forces.


Belts. The serpentine belt in your vehicle is the pulley system that helps power a majority of your car and make it useable. Facing so much friction and use means you must have a belt that works well and is well-kept.


Fuel pump. As a part that is used constantly, the fuel pump needs to be replaced every 5 or so years because of standard wear. This becomes an increasingly growing problem for those who let their tanks run very low, eliminating lubrication.


Brake components. Often times, parts linked to your brake fluid system will succumb to corrosion. Your calipers, wheel cylinders, and master cylinders are usually replaced every 100,000 miles to prevent further damage.


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