Common Winter Car Repairs

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Car breakdown on winter road.

It’s not surprising to hear that drivers need to purchase used auto parts in NH, especially during the winter Car breakdown on winter road.season. With the variety of weather, our cars take a beating and might need a little more TLC than we anticipated. Here are some of the most common winter car repairs Atlantic Salvage has helped our customers find parts for in the past.

Dead battery

We face extreme weather conditions during this season, and it can impact the integrity of our vehicles, both on the exterior and interior. When we get to those freezing temperatures, our cars demand a lot more from their batteries. As a result of this issue, dead power sources are more common, and our old batteries find it difficult to keep working.

New tires

All it takes is one good scare to have a driver thinking about the different ways they can prevent themselves from skidding on black ice or traveling during a snowstorm. Tires with great treads can make all the difference in the world during the winter season, especially when you are often driving.

Body repair or replacement

Quite a few problems can cause the need for body repair. The first being rust caused by salt. Mixed with snow and ice, salt that sticks to the outside of our cars can act as an abrasive or catalyst, which can accelerate rust formation. The second reason we see for body replacements is accidents on the road. Between not having winter tires, icy conditions, and small mistakes, Atlantic Salvage has a lot of new customers come to our yard looking to replace fenders and other similar items from something as simple as slipping on the road.

No matter your need for used parts, Atlantic Salvage is here for you. We have a selection of car parts that will help keep your vehicle running during the winter months. From used transmissions to fenders and hoods, our yard contains many 2000-2015 makes and models.

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