Car Parts Often Replaced or Repaired in the Summer

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Though there are checklists of parts you should test on your vehicle every season or year, time can get the Reifenstapelbest of us, and we forget. We’re reminded of this mistake when something gives on our car, and we’re forced to find used auto parts in MA to fix it. Atlantic Salvage has customers from all walks of life come to our yard, but there are plenty of similarities, including the parts they are most often shopping for in the summer.

Belts and hoses

Your engine is the heart of your vehicle, and the mechanisms running to and from it are what will protect it and ensure it is working properly. Open up your hood and take a look at the wear and tear on these components to determine if they might need replacing.


Similar to the engine, your battery can be impacted by extreme temperatures, and after coming out of a cold winter, the summer heat can put a toll on its longevity. Be one step ahead of these problems by checking for warning signs.

Windshield wipers

Snow and ice can cause lots of damage to our wipers, which can also impact the way they work during heavy thunderstorms and showers we face during the summer. This easy fix can quickly improve your visibility while on the road to protect you and other drivers.


If your tire treads are worn, they will not perform as well as they should, especially after or during a rain storm. Wet roads, similar to icy or snowy roads, can be harder to stop on and could even lead to an accident, especially with insufficient tires.

Air conditioning

Though A/C in the car isn’t a necessity to survive, it sure makes those long drives bearable! Take the time to test out your unit before it breaks because as life has it, they often quit working at the most inconvenient times!

Whether your vehicle needs parts of these common summer fixes or you are in the market for another part like a used transmission, Atlantic Salvage has you covered!

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