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Used auto parts from Atlantic Salvage

When it comes to DIY automotive repair, used auto parts quickly become one of best ways to keep costs down while retaining as many OEM parts in your project vehicle as possible. Even lightly used auto parts from a salvaged vehicle can save your hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Better even still is the fact you’re not turning to aftermarket parts, which are often not built with the same quality components the manufacturer uses in their own parts. Quite honestly, replacing a defective or broken part with an aftermarket alternative can ensure another trip to the mechanic down the road.

Atlantic Salvage has assembled a real life case study of comparing parts between replacement parts from the dealership, used OEM parts, and aftermarket parts. Our illustrations should help you make the best choice when replacing parts in your project vehicle.

Electronic Control Modules

As cars have been engineered more complexly because of increasing safety standards applied to the auto industry, more electronic control modules have been introduced into car models across all manufacturers. When the electronics fail in these modules, it can render the entire car unsafe or altogether useless. These parts are often extremely expensive when bought directly from the manufacturer. Consider a body control module for a 2006 BMW sedan.

  • Direct from manufacturer: $499
  • Aftermarket: Unavailable
  • Atlantic Salvage: $100 with 90 day warranty

For what it costs for the manufacturer to ship it and for a dealership to install it, you can afford not only the part, but many other repairs and parts to your vehicle as well. When you’re working within a tight budget for your vehicle repair, it always pays to get as much as you can for each dollar you spend. There’s no better way to do that than with a tip to our online Atlantic Salvage used auto parts catalog.

You don’t have to pay manufacturer prices for manufacturer quality parts. During your next car repair, give our salvage a call before dropping a single cent.

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