5 Car Sounds You Shouldn’t Ignore

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So, you’re driving down the road with the windows down and start to hear some strange sounds coming Used auto parts from Atlantic Used Trucks and Salvagefrom our car before quickly rolling the windows, hoping that if you pretend you didn’t hear it, it will just go away. We’ve all done it before- don’t lie! Atlantic Salvage understands that car repairs are never ideal, but as an auto salvage yard near NH, we can think of at least five car sounds you should never ignore.

Screeching and scraping

If there is a metallic shrill coming from your car, there is a chance your brake pads are totally worn and should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid permanent damages to your brakes that will cost a pretty penny to fix.

Drumming that quickens with acceleration 

Cars with four-wheel or rear-wheel drive who face this noise could be dealing with issues related to a universal joint. The universal joints are major components of your driveshaft and should be addressed ASAP.

Loud screeching when you start the car

If you feel like you’re waking up the neighborhood every time you start your car, there is a chance that your accessory drive belt is loose or needs replacing due to age. Trust us, your family and neighbors will thank you for replacing it.

Clattering noises in the engine

You might think that using the wrong fuel is no big deal, but it can wreak havoc on your vehicle. When you use bad gas or have incorrect ignition timing, you can quickly destroy your engine. Engines are never cheap to replace.

Clicking in the steering wheel

This could mean a few issues are occurring. Your CV joint might be worn, your bearings in the steering column are worn, or your power steering fluid is low. Whatever the case, maintaining all of these problems can avoid poor performance in the future.

Which noise have you been ignoring? Luckily, Atlantic Salvage is here to help you replace various car parts at an affordable price. Check out our inventory online or give us a call today at (800) 225-0812