5 Bad Car Habits to Break

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There are experts in many fields, and if there is one thing that the team at Atlantic Salvage has learned overatlantic salvage the years, it’s that we’ve come across the best and the worst cars while automotive recycling in Massachusetts. Though we pass on the junk cars, we have learned a thing or two about drivers and their bad habits that have made their auto parts unusable. If you’ve ever wondered if you have bad car habits, here are a few we see often.

Shifting gears while the car is in motion

We’ve all done it. We’re in a rush and will shift from reverse into drive without totally stopping, and it’s a habit to break. Not braking to a complete stop puts stress on your transmission to shift gears for you, and will eventually lead to a weary transmission that needs replacing a lot faster than those who don’t have this practice.

Hard acceleration and braking

Not only does this impact how many times you need to visit the gas station, but these sharp movements can also do a number on your tires, brake system, pads, and rotors and cause a premature problem. Looking fresh on the road just isn’t worth the bills it can add at the end of the day.

Driving with little fuel

There’s a reason experts suggest driving with a half tank of gas, and it’s because your car needs it! If you consistently drive with a little gas tank, you’ll find that your fuel system suffers. Pulling from the bottom of the shell means drawing in all the sediments that settle at the bottom, which clogs your filter and can get into your engine.

Riding your breaks

Though driving safely is a big concern for all, you’ll want to avoid riding your brakes because it can severely wear down your brake pads. Unless you can keep up with the maintenance of new pads, you might find the wear can cause additional damage to your car.

Leaving your accessories on

Though cars do a great job of conserving energy, leaving items on like your wipers, your radio, your lights, and other things when you turn your vehicle off can drain your battery, especially when you start your car. The less stress you put on your battery, the better.

Fortunately, Atlantic Salvage is a reliable and reputable yard that believes in doing right by our customers. Specializing in 2000-2015 cars, we take the parts that can be repurposed at an affordable price, because we know that the expenses of a vehicle shouldn’t hold you back from being able to fix or rebuild a safe ride. From used engines to used transmissions and more in Massachusetts, we have you covered.

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